Haha. So yeah. That didn't work out as well as I hoped it would. But it never does, does it? The number of times I've tried to keep a journal, and they've all failed after the first few entries. This one failed after the first one. Oh well. I can always try and salvage it.

I thought about this journal because there was some interesting news today. I came home from school and Mom was basically giddy; she was dancing around the kitchen and singing as she washed dishes. I haven't seen her that happy in a long time. When I asked what was going on, she showed me an article on her phone.

Scientists Say Chocolate Could Make a Comeback, Sooner Rather than Later

"Great," I said, unable to share in her joy.

"It looks like they've gotten their act together with this. Finally you'll be able to understand."

"Okay, Mom."

But it made me think of that first entry. Would I become a chocoholic if scientists are able to bring it back? I decided to do some research. First, I read the article in full. It seems that biologists have been working with the top diseases that affect the chocolate (cacao, if you are going with the technical terms) and trying to find ways to make the plant immune to them. I guess genetic diseases are harder to get rid of than normal diseases.

So of course I asked Dad about his genetic disease. He told me that genetic diseases are passed on from parent to child, and this happens with plants, too. When I told my friend about it, she told me I was stupid because it's “so obvious”


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