Welcome to my Website!

Hello! My name is Jill and I'm a creative writing student. My forte is in the realistic fiction world, and I like to add a bit of a dark twist when I can.

I used to be a film student, but I decided to leave the area because going to my film classes started to make me irrationally angry, and that wasn't okay. But I think my film oriented brain helps me when it comes to creating stories. Oftentimes, I imagine what I'm writing as if it were on a screen; short films are the way my mind works, so I tend to stick with short stories. Although, it is a lot easier to imagine the angles of the cameras than it is to write out a shot list. That, and I love a good rack focus, but I'm not sure how to get that across with the written word, so yeah, maybe switiching to the writing world was a good choice for me. The world of flim is still a huge part of my being, and I hope to bring that into my future career. Who knows, maybe I'll be a film critic one day. I do always have a strong opinion for the movies I watch, and discussing the success of a new film with the people around me is always something I love to do. That being said, I thought mother! was an interesting movie and not a waste of my money. However, Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name are two of the best films I've seen in a long time, and I would suggest them to anyody that asks. So go see those films (in theatres, if you can!).

With the Oscars coming up on Sunday night, my hope that Call Me By Your Name does well continues to grow. I think I have accepted the thought that it probably will not win Best Picture, but I do hope it wins Best Adapted Screenplay, because like I said before, it really is an amazing film. That being said, I wish I had the chance to see Three Bilboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri because from what I'm hearing it is the favorite to win. It would be nice to be able to give an honest opinion on the matter, but I am going to have to go off of what others are saying about the film.

I will be posting some of my writing on this site!

The Things I Hear, final draft of project one
Remix Draft